Paramount Plus Devices: How Many Devices Can Stream Paramount Plus?

In the following table, you will find the maximum number of devices that can simultaneously stream Paramount Plus at the same time…

If you are wondering how many devices can stream Paramount plus, then we have the answer for you.

Streaming video service Paramount Plus is now available in the UK, the US, Latin America, Canada, Australia, as well as the Nordic countries, like Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

It was previously known as CBS All Access, but it was rebranded in early 2021 as CBS All Access with an expanded library and other minor changes. A notable change that has been made to Paramount+ is the increase in the number of devices that can be connected to your account.

As part of this guide, we will discuss how many devices are allowed to stream Paramount Plus at the same time, as well as the maximum number of devices that can be accessed by an account at a time. Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you!

What is paramount plus device?

In the United States, Paramount+ is a subscription video on-demand service owned by Paramount Global that offers streaming videos. The service’s content is drawn primarily from the libraries of CBS Media Ventures (including CBS Studios), Paramount Media Networks (formerly Viacom Media Networks and ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks), and Paramount Pictures. As well as original series and films, the service also provides live sports coverage and, in the United States, live broadcasts from CBS broadcast stations.

This new service was launched in the United States in 2014 under the name CBS All Access, and initially focused on live-streaming CBS programming from its local affiliates, as well as on-demand access to CBS programs and library content from CBS. During 2016, the service began to expand into original programming, beginning with spin-offs of CBS shows such as Big Brother, The Good Fight, and the new Star Trek television series Star Trek: Discovery, which is set to premiere in 2017.

Eventually, the service was rebranded as Paramount+, a service with content from Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and other Viacom brands, and in 2021, it was rebranded as Paramount+, taking its name from the famous film studio Paramount Pictures. As a result, the company expanded into Latin America and Europe.

How Many Devices Can Watch Paramount Plus At Once?

It is possible to watch Paramount Plus simultaneously on three different devices at the same time.

It is important to note that while any number of devices can access the Paramount+ service, the maximum number of simultaneous streams is capped at three, which applies to all of the content that is available on the Paramount+ service.

According to their blog, there is a possibility that the maximum number of simultaneous streams may be increased in the future. There is a possibility that the limit will be raised in the future. To stay up-to-date on any changes to Paramount+, please follow them on Twitter.

How Many Devices Can Use Paramount Plus Account?

As far as the number of devices that a Paramount Plus account can be linked to is concerned, there is no limit. If you are a subscriber to Paramount+ service, you will be able to access your account from any number of devices that you choose. There is a possibility that this may change in the future, however.

There is, however, a limitation of only three devices that can stream Paramount Plus at the same time, so you might want to limit the number of devices or people you allow to log into your account in case you find yourself locked out at the end.

Can I Share My Paramount Plus Account?

I am happy to inform you that you are able to share your Paramount Plus account with your friends and family.

Unlike Netflix and Disney+, your Paramount+ account can be used on any number of devices – unlike Netflix or Disney+. Moreover, it allows users to create multiple viewing profiles within one Paramount+ account in order to customize their viewing experience and make it more convenient.

It is possible for users to create up to six profiles within one Paramount+ account. Each profile will have a separate Keep Watching and Recommended carousel, depending on the viewing history of the profile. There is also the option for subscribers to manage content for younger viewers by using the Kids Mode feature.

Please note that at this time, the Profiles feature is only available in the UK, Ireland and a select number of countries in Latin America.

Paramount Plus Apple Family Sharing

As a member of a Family Sharing group, you will be able to share your Paramount Plus subscription with other members of your family. In order to accomplish this, you need to do the following:

  1. You can do this by going to Settings > [your name] > Subscriptions.
  2. Make sure that Share New Subscriptions is turned on. If you purchase a new subscription that is eligible for sharing, it will be automatically shared with your family members when you purchase it.

In the event that you do not see a Share with Family option, this means that your subscription is not eligible to be shared. In order to see which subscriptions you are currently sharing with your family, go to Settings > [your name] > Family Sharing.

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